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New ‘LT’ Rude Tube Pegs

This Rude Tube peg has gone on a diet!! Let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to save some weight on their bike, 4 pegs weigh quite a lot but they don’t have to.

When setting out to design a lighter weight version of our original chromoly cored Rude Tube peg we wanted to come up with a new design that solves some of the issues of switching to an alloy inner. The problem with most alloy pegs is that they deform at the axle end. The Rude Tube LT doesn’t, using the same plastic outer as the Rude Tube peg, the LT has a tough 7075 alloy inner with a heat treated chromo adaptor at the dropout interface which won’t lose it’s shape from over tightening or when catching an upright.

Weighing 33% less at only 115g each it means you can run 4 pegs with the equivalent weight of just over 2.5.

– Lightweight 7075 alloy inner peg
– Heat treated chromo insert
– Durable plastic Rude Tube sleeve
– 33% lighter than regular Rude Tubes
– Available in 4.2″ and XL 4.5” lengths
– Weight : 115 grams each
– 10mm or 14mm

The new Rude Tube LT peg will will be available alongside the original Rude Tube peg at BSD stockists worldwide from early May…

Get the full spec and more pictures of the Rude Tube LT peg here >.

New Stainless Bars & Fork

For 2017 our new stainless finish is replacing chrome and raw on Acid Forks and the full range of bars. Lots of the team have been choosing the fresh stainless parts for their new setups and its looking great on their bikes.

Stainless finish bars and fork are available at BSD stockists worldwide right now…

Get the full spec and more pictures on all our bars here and the Acid Fork here.

New BSD Raider V3…

David Grant’s Raider is designed to be big but with it’s longer rear end it’s more stable handling than the other BSD frames. Featuring new invest cast dropouts with built in chain tensioners and super tall geometry, this frame is built to grind and handle huge set ups. So whether you are a taller rider or just looking for a stable handling ride for the streets, the Raider is for you…


– Toptube : 20.7″, 21”, 21.3″ and 21.6″
– HT Angle : 75.2°
– CS Length : 13.5 to 14”
– BB Height : 11.75”
– Standover : 9.5”
– Weight : 5 lbs
– Colours : Maroon, clear coat raw & black

The Raider v3 frame is available at BSD stockists worldwide right now…

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Raider V3 frame page here >

And you can check out David’s ballin’ Transmission DVD part again below…

The Fresh BSD Soulja Frame

Dan Paley’s Soulja frame has been refreshed for 2017 with a new range of colours and new built in chain tensioners that come on all our frames for 2017. Dan’s frame is his ideal balance somewhere in between the all round street focused geometry of a WZA and the super compact snappiness of the ALVX. The Soulja is just that and features a 75.2 degree headangle, 8.8” standover and a 12.8 – 13.2” rear end for a responsive yet balanced ride…


– Toptube : 20.6″, 20.9” and 21.2″
– HT Angle : 75.2°
– CS Length : 12.8 to 13.2”
– Weight : 5 lbs
– Colours : Storm blue, matt burgundy & matt black.

The Soulja v2 frame is available at BSD stockists worldwide right now…

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Soulja V2 frame page here >

And you can check out Dan’s conspiratorial Transmission DVD part again below…

New BSD ALVX V3 frame

Alex D’s ALVX v3 frame is a super tech street steed with the steepest headtube angle of any of our frames and probably the shortest rear end available on any 20” frame, this beast is designed with technical moves in mind. Updated for 2017 with built in chain tensioners.


– Toptube : 20.3″, 20.6”, 20.8” and 21″
– HT Angle : 75.5°
– CS Length : 12.5 to 13”
– Weight : 5 lbs
– Colours : Tangfastic orange, clear coat raw & black.

The ALVX v3 frame is arriving at BSD stockists worldwide right now…

Get the full spec and more pictures on The ALVX frame page here >

New Reed Stark Safari Frame


New for 2017 is Reed Stark’s Safari frame. Reed wanted a frame with a super long front end combined with a short back end and 75 degree head angle. This frame is built for urban adventure wherever your street safari takes you…


– Toptube : 20.6”, 21”, 21.4” and 21.8″
– HT Angle : 75°
– CS Length : 13 to 13.5”
– Weight : 5.3lbs
– Colours : Sahara, clear coat raw & black.

The Reed Stark signature Safari frame is arriving at BSD stockists worldwide right now…

bsd-newproduct-frame-safari-002tbsd-newproduct-frame-safari-003tbsd-newproduct-frame-safari-004t bsd-newproduct-frame-safari-005t

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Safari frame page here >

New BSD Passenger frame


New for 2017 is the v3 Passenger frame. Kriss Kyle’s signature Passenger remains to be one of our most popular frames and it’s no wonder why, designed with all terrain in mind this frame gives a stable and comfortable ride, for 2017 we have added intergrated chain tensioners into the dropouts and the frame comes in black, stainless or flat gold…


– Toptube : 20.2”, 20.5”, 20.8”, 21.1″ and 21.5″
– HT Angle : 75°
– CS Length : 13.2″ – 13.625″ (21.5″ frame has a longer rear: 13.4″ – 13.825″)
– Weight : 4.9 lbs
– Colours : Flat gold, stainless & black.

The Passenger v3 frame is arriving at BSD stockists worldwide right now…

bsd-newproduct-frame-passengerv3-002tbsd-newproduct-frame-passengerv3-003tbsd-newproduct-frame-passengerv3-004t bsd-newproduct-frame-passengerv3-005t

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Passenger v3 frame page here >

Transmission Collectors Book & DVD


Our limited edition Transmission collectors book & DVD is now available. The 116 page book is packed full of over two years of photos of the riding and behind the scenes content from the team on their mission to create the Transmission DVD.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide, each copy is hand numbered and includes a copy of the DVD mounted inside. This is the one to add to your DVD collection….

Available to order on our website now >

bsd-dvd-transmission-collectorsbook002t bsd-dvd-transmission-collectorsbook003tbsd-dvd-transmission-collectorsbook004tbsd-dvd-transmission-collectorsbook005t bsd-dvd-transmission-collectorsbook006t

Passenger Special Edition


CHECK OUT MY INK BRO! We’ve just made a limited run of special edition Passenger frames inspired by Kriss’ insatiable appetite for bodily art. The frame comes with Kriss Kyle tattoo inspired graphics plus an extra sheet of Kriss tattoo stickers. Available in tan only and in shops now…


– Toptube : 20.2”, 20.5”, 20.8”, 21.1” & 21.5”
– HT Angle : 75°
– CS Length : 13.2 to 13.625”
– Weight : 4.9lbs
– Colours : Special edition tan only.

bsd-newproduct-passenger-specialedition002t bsd-newproduct-passenger-specialedition003tbsd-newproduct-passenger-specialedition004tbsd-newproduct-passenger-specialedition005t

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Passenger Special Edition page here >

Reed Stark Giraffic XL Bar Ad


Reed Stark out in Gran Canaria late last year shot by Fred Murray. For when you need that extra last bit of reach Reed Stark’s signature Giraffic bars now come in new 9.5″ XL height alongside the original 9″ versions. Constructed from heat-treated multiple butted 4130 chromoly these bars are extra tall, wide and strong while remaining light. The Giraffic XL bars are available in shops right now…


– Rise : 9.5″
– Width : 29.5″
– Colours : Black, Choco brown, raw and chrome

bsd-newproduct-girafficXLbars002tbsd-newproduct-girafficXLbars003tbsd-newproduct-girafficXLbars004t bsd-newproduct-girafficXLbars005t

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Giraffic XL bars page here >

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