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BSD in Bangkok

Join Reed Stark, Denim Cox, Sam Jones and Luc Legrand on an epic adventure through the hot, spicy streets of Bangkok.

Filmed in January 2018. The crew spent two weeks in Thailand’s capital riding wild spots, eating crazy food and hanging with the locals. Press play and witness their journey from the streets to the jungle.

Filmed and edited by Antoine Sabourin.

Reed Stark Safari Setup Video

Reed Stark gives us a run down on his Safari frame setup while out in Bangkok filming for something we’ve got dropping soon. In the meantime check out what Reed has to say about the design of his signature frame, pedals, seat and bars as well as how he likes to run his setup in this video filmed by Antoine Sabourin.

and you can check out’s Setups article with Reed over on their website too…

Foreign Exchange – Sime & Donat

The BSD Worldwide Crew Foreign Exchange program begins.

For our first ‘Foreign Exchange’ video, Craig Sime visits Felix Donat in his home town of Karlsruhe in Germany also hitting up spots in nearby Stuttgart…

Filmed and edited by Jonny Ashworth.

BSD in Riga Video

Last summer Alex Donnachie, Sam Jones and Greg Layden were lucky enough to make two trips to Riga in Latvia to ride at GGFest and Simple Summer Session, they also managed to film this video on the streets of Riga.

Thanks to Toms Silins and PAR BMX.
Video by Ilja Pavlukevics.

Dan Paley Soulja Video

Dan Paley originally set out to make this video back in 2015 for the release of his Soulja frame. Unfortunately at the start of filming the Donny Soulja was seriously hurt, he dislocated his knee sideways, snapping 3 of his 4 ligaments.

The doctors told him he might not walk again, let alone ride. Dan’s strong will, determination and some serious physiotherapy got him back on his bike and riding again in less than a year, blowing the minds of his doctors and physio team.

He’s now back, better and stronger than ever. This edit was filmed over the last 9 months in Paris, San Jose, Madrid, Lisbon, Malaga and Glasgow.

Watch the Soulja go to war on these serious city streets, over and out!

Liam Zingbergs ‘Daze Off’ Video

Liam Zingbergs has a love hate relationship with his job, he loves to hate it! So when the chance comes he takes off as much time as possible to travel with his bike. This video was filmed in Barcelona in the last week of a 3 month BMX holiday to California, New York, France and Spain…

Filmed and edited by Alex Donnachie.

BSD in the Streets of NorCal…

Liam Zingbergs, Dan Paley, Alex Donnachie and David Grant met up with Nick Castillo and headed to Northern California to cruise the streets of San Francisco and San Jose…

Also go check out Dig’s photo journal from the trip CLICK HERE

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