BSD Forever



BSD aims to provide you with the highest quality products, using the best materials and manufacturing techniques, however in the unlikely event that there is a product defect either with the material and/or workmanship we offer you the below warranties. These warranties are only applicable to BSD hard goods and do not apply to BSD plastic, rubber or soft goods, which includes grips, tires, seats etc.

Manufacturing Defects

BSD offers a 30 day replacement warranty against manufacturing defects on all BSD hard goods. This means that if you identify a manufacturing fault within the first 30 days we will replace the BSD product free of charge to you.


BSD offers a full one year warranty against all hard goods breaking. Your free replacement item under this warranty is also covered by the 30 day warranty against manufacturing faults but not the one year warranty against breaks.

What to Do

If you have a problem with one of your BSD products, please contact the shop you purchased it from, you will need to send/bring in the faulty part and your receipt as proof of purchase. BSD is not responsible for costs incurred in returning the part.

The above warranties are valid to the original retail purchaser only and all claims must be made through an authorised BSD dealer/distributor.

The shop will then get in touch with the local BSD distributor in your country and arrange to have a replacement part sent to you as soon as possible. The BSD warranty is limited to replacing the faulty part only and the company shall in no event be responsible for special damages or personal injury.

If you have any queries regarding your warranty, please drop us an email at and we will do everything we can to sort it out.

Warranty Limitations

Neither the 30 day replacement warranty against manufacturing defects or the one year warranty against hardgood breaks covers other damages caused by general wear and tear, improper assembly, misuse, abuse, neglect including scratched or chipped paint work, dented or bent tubing and stripped out threads. The above warranties are not valid against products that have been structurally altered in any way or for damage that has been caused by an external force such as colliding with an immovable object.