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The Wherizona Beverage Frame

Under the blazing sun in Arizona, wait I mean Wherizona, the heat can get to you, and sometimes a whisky drink just won’t quench your thirst. So for 2014 BSD has created a new mix of Beverage, the WheriZona Ice Tea flavour, potent and refreshing.

The Wherizona Beverage, available alongside the original Beverage frame, comes in a one-off trans orange with custom Wherizona graphics.

The Beverage frame features:

– External gussets on TT and DT.
– Tapered single gauge toptube and downtube.
– Tiny dropouts, designed to fit peg and hubguard with no overhang.
– Extra wide rear end for fat tyres.
– Tapered seat and chainstays.
– Removable brake hardware.
– Internally relieved headtube.
– Built in seatclamp.
– Mid bottom bracket.


  • Toptube lengths:
    20.3″, 20.65″ and 21″
  • Headtube angle:
  • Seattube angle:
  • Rear end length:
    13.25 – 13.65″
  • BB Height:
  • Standover height:

  • Weight:

    4.9 lbs

  • Colours:

    Wherizona Trans Orange