BSD Forever

David Grant


Year of Birth?

Current place of residence?
Muncie, Indiana.

How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?
15 when I got my first bmx. I didn’t make the basketball team that year and one of my friends rode, so I just started riding everyday.

Where did you grow up and what’s your hometown like?
Grew up in Muncie, it’s like any small town…

What was the first BMX video you owned?
The Demolition video with the red case and cursive writing on the front.

What’s your daily routine like?
Wake up, eat, work, ride or meet up with friends, depends where I am. 

What’s your worst habit?

What did you think of the UK the first time you came over for a BSD trip?
I thought it was insane. Lots of culture and personality. It’s the best and worst place I’ve ever spent time, haha.

What’s your thoughts on the UK weather?
Hard to deal with, depressing… but makes it that much better when you get a warm or sunny day.

One-and-done or one-hundred tries?
First try army.

What riders originally inspired you?
Edwin, Jason Enns, Davey Watson, Nick Carunchia.

And who do you like watching ride now?
Alvx, Paley, Ty Morrow, AK, Eli Taylor, Brendon Reith, Davey Watson, Cadge£.

Session spot or one-off setup?

Spot guide or search for yourself?

Out of everywhere you have travelled where have you found the best riding?
Every city I’ve gone to in Spain has incredible spots, but China for how much fun you have while you’re out riding street.

You went to Shanghai recently on a BSD team trip. How did you find that change in culture?
Was amazing, such a traditional but modern place, from the city to their way of doing things to the way they treat each other, it’s hard to describe, you just have to go experience it…

What new places are you looking to get to next?
Australia, New York, another Asian country, Hawaii, Berlin…

Local spots or new places?
Fresh pastures.

What’s the hardest you’ve worked for a clip?
Maybe the kinked ledge next to the horrible green canal river thing in Shanghai… It was so smelly at that spot and it took forever to land that, I didn’t think it was going to happen.

Where is the last place you rode?
Downtown Indianapolis.

Tell us about that day the Ranger’s out rail in your Living for the City part went down.
Kinda stressful getting everyone out of the house and across town before the rains come, but such an unreal weight off the shoulders once it was done. That whole day was such a blur I was so nervous. I had thought about that setup a lot before we went and rode it.

Style or stunts?

During your travels have you had any crazy situations kick off?
Any night out with Alex or airport trip with Paley is going to be eventful.

Instagram or Snapchat?
Too close to call.

What does a typical BSD team trip consist of?
Hahaha bants… Lots of shit talk and partying. Lots of amazing riding. Memories.

Video part or web edit?
If it’s a project you’re passionate about I don’t think it matters which it sees first. Always good to have a hard copy though.

Tell us about designing your signature Rvidxr frame and how you chose to you spec it up?
I wanted something with somewhat of a traditional design and kind of taller but still steep with newer street oriented specs.

How do you like to run your setup?
Kinda forward bars, low tires.

Any final words?
You are what you eat.