BSD Forever

Chaz Mailey


Year of Birth?

Current place of residence?
Unit23 Skatepark

How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?
I’ve always been into bikes for as long as I remember, my friends and I used to run around the streets jumping curbs and pulling wheelies like 12 o’clock boys but I guess I didn’t start properly riding BMX until Unit opened. I’d have been about twelve or thirteen.

Where did you grow up and what’s your hometown like?
Born and raised in Bonhill, I guess its like anywhere else, it has its good bits and its bad bits, but if you’re not wearing a track suit and addicted to heroin then you’ll stand out quite a bit.

Tell us about Unit23 and how it all started.
My dad loves to tell the story of how me and my brother got hurt in the street and there was nowhere safe for us to skate/ride so he started the skatepark. At the time there was only one other indoor park in Scotland which was Dundee and with that being miles away and shite, he started looking for places to open our own thing. Pretty crazy to think about how far we’ve come since then.

What’s it like having a brother that rides too?
It’s cool, and because we both ride for BSD we get to travel together sometimes too which is awesome.

Wood or concrete?
Wood. I grew up riding wooden ramps so I feel more at home there, but I do like how quick concrete is.

Whats a typical day at the Unit like?
I’m not sure there is such a thing as a ‘typical’ day at Unit. Everyday is different, there is always someone wanting to do something, be it ride, get drunk, go on a trip, get coffee or head out on the motorbikes etc. Its hard to guess what your day is going to consist of…

What was the first BMX video you owned?
I remember buying a BMX magazine when I was pretty young because it came with a free video, It was an issue of Dig and the video was ‘Nowhere Fast’. I loved it, so much so that I wrote them a letter about it, and being young without auto correct to back me up, I made some spelling mistakes haha they printed my letter and made fun of me. Bless.

What’s your worst habit?
I don’t know about a habit but I definitely wish I had more patience.

You teach lessons to kids at Unit23 every week, how is that?
It’s awesome. Some of the dudes I used to teach a while ago are rad now. Seeing them going from wearing a track suit and riding a halfords bike to getting their own sponsors and stuff is cool. If you can keep a kid interested in BMX then it’s one more dude helping the sport.

What riders originally inspired you?
All the Scottish dudes that came to the park, when I was a little guy just starting out I was blown away watching the older dudes ride. After watching them, I’d always have like 100 new things to try the next day haha.

And who do you like watching ride now?
Having a session with the Unit locals is when I like watching BMX the most. I definitely prefer to watch someone cruse a bowl or some jumps than see someone stuff as many tricks in before they land. Its about how its done, not how much you do.

Style or stunts?
Style, less is more.

Night in or night out?
A night in usually ends up a night out anyway.

As well as riding, you also film, shoot photos, build ramps and do lots of other creative stuff. Are these creative outlets important to you?
Yeah definitely, I don’t really look at them as creative outlets, I just like to do things that I enjoy. I like to travel so its good to be able to shoot some photos or film some clips while I’m away and there are always people wanting to shoot something at Unit. With other projects, be it building ramps or motorbikes, its good to see it go from something you had in your mind to something you can ride.

One-and-done or one-hundred tries?
One-hundred tries. If you put in the effort and make it work its always worth it.

Local spots or new places?
Local spots. Home comforts, that one little kink in the quarter that you hit every time that sends you exactly how you want.

What BSD frame do you run and why did you choose it?
I ride The Passenger frame. My bike has to look and feel good for me to want to ride it and The Passenger is the best looking/feeling frame I’ve had. Its a good allrounder and I think the geometry works really well for me and the way I ride.

and how do you like to run your setup?
Big bars, no brakes, hard tyres. I have one side smooth on my right pedal for grinding but I like to keep it fairly simple.