Worldwide Crew 16 Aug 22

Marco Beil


Name: Marco Beil
D.O.B: 13.08.99
Hometown: Wutöschingen, Germany
Currently Resides: See above ↑
Riding Since: 2015
Local Spot: I mostly ride in the city’s nearby like Zürich or Basel.

Travel Destination: Odessa is my favourite spot at the moment. But I’m really looking forward to visiting Copenhagen.

Contest: Männle Tunier in Tuttlingen! Nothing but good times every year.

Rider(s) & why: Tough question! I think I’ll choose Felix Prangenberg. I always get inspired by his video parts and editing.
Video Part & why: Nathan Williams 'Still United' for sure! Every time I see that video it just blows my mind.

Sponsors: BSD, Traffic Distribution, GTGCREW
Get Connected: @marco_beil