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Thijs Vervaeck 2014…

Our Belgian connection Thijs Vervaeck coming through with the goods in his new 2014 edit…

Kriss Kyle at the Streetdome

BSD and Red Bull have teamed up to give Kriss Kyle the chance to have the first ever session at the newly built Streetdome park in Haderslev, Denmark. Kriss was given exclusive access to the park for four days to film this edit by Dave Sowerby. Chaz Mailey also went along, check out the edit and some bonus photos from their sessions below.

Thanks to the Streetdome and Red Bull for helping make this happen…

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Giraffic Safari, The Reed Stark Bike Check


On a recent safari through the wilds of Minnesota Ben Austin happened across a Giraffic Stark lurking amongst the trees and snagged these bike check photos. Note the lesser spotted dark red Donnasqueak tyres available late November.

Reed Starks’s BSD RVIDXR frame setup:

– FRAME: Trans black BSD RVIDXR 21.6″ frame
– BARS: Black BSD Giraffic bars
– GRIPS: Black BSD Forever Hi grips
– STEM: Black BSD Race V2 stem
– HEADSET: BSD integrated
– FORKS: Black BSD Ghetto fork V3
– SPROCKET: Black BSD Superlite 28t
– CRANKS: Black BSD Substance cranks 175mm
– PEDALS: Dark Red BSD Safari pedals
– CHAIN: BSD Forever chain
– REAR HUB: BSD Back Street Pro cassette with Jersey Barrier hubguard
– REAR TIRE: Dark red 2.4″ BSD Donnasqueak tire
– REAR RIM: Sun Ringle
– FRONT HUB: Black BSD Front Street hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
– FRONT TIRE: Dark red 2.4″ BSD Donnasqueak tire
– FRONT RIM: Sun Ringle
– PEGS: BSD Crack Pipes
– SEAT: Dark red BSD Beverage seat
– SEAT POST: Black BSD Blitzed post


“I’ve had Malouf’s dark red Beverage seat for ages and knew I wanted to build a bike based on it. Luckily G man was down to do a run of dark red Safari pedals and Donnasqueak tires to match. Everything feels amazing! Never really been into colored tires, but I think the dark red with black sidewalls is super crispy. I’m stoked on how quiet she looks, things can get sketchy when you try to lurk with a noisy ride. “

bsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-002t bsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-003tbsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-004tbsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-005t bsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-006t bsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-007tbsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-008tbsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-009tbsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-010tbsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-011tbsdbikecheck-reed002-aug2014-012t

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