AM TEAM 14 Apr 22

Antonio Carrizo-Smallwood


Name: Antonio Carrizo-Smallwood
D.O.B: December 23, 2002
Hometown: Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Currently Resides: Glasgow, Scotland
Riding Since: Age 9
Local Spot: KG baby! From winter sessions in two hoodies to summers with a BBQ. I love that place.
Travel Destination: I loved Budapest. The mix of the crew I was with, the spots we hit, and the nightlife gave me one of the sickest city experiences I've ever had. The locals were amazing too.
Contest: The Battle of Hastings is definitely the best contest I've ridden in by far! The atmosphere there is so crazy, and the opportunity to ride with the best riders in the world was mind-blowing to me. Also, being a captain and getting to choose my friends for my team to ride alongside me was an amazing feeling.
Rider(s) & why: Garrett Reynolds and Dan Paley will always be at the top of my favorites list. I just want to copy everything they do. Also, watching Joe Foley send the gnarliest tricks gets me so amped up to ride. Alex Donnachie, Lewis Mills, and Jordan Godwin are a few more of my favorites.
Video Part & why: Deadline all day, every day. I must have watched it literally hundreds of times, and I still watch it at least two or three times a month. Hahaha. Also, big thanks to Luke Lynch-Rice for giving me one of his hard copies.
Sponsors: BSD, Doomed, Waller BMX Shop, And crew PROCEDURE
Get Connected: Instagram

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