AM TEAM 05 Mar 20

Jake Norris


Name: Jake Norris 
D.O.B: Jun 3, 1993
Hometown: Rockhampton, Central Queensland. Australia
Currently Resides: Rockhampton 
Riding Since: I started racing BMX when I was maybe 13 years old. When I was around 16 I quit racing and went to the skatepark and never stopped going. 
Local Spot: River Bank ledges or the flat rail out front of my house. 
Travel Destination: China is a sick place to ride. If you get the chance, do it! 
Contest: Never been to one.
Rider(s) & why: Jimma, D street, Timbo, Boyd, Vocko, Denby, Brock… All my mates are my favourite riders!
Video Part & why: Garrets Deadline section always comes to mind first. 
Sponsors: BSD through BMX International, LUX BMX, Dead Leisure, Etnies, Palmzco 
Get Connected: @jakenorris_

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