News 04 Oct 19

Denim Cox Soulja Bike Check

Last month Denim Cox traded in the Cali sun for the grimey back alleys of Glasgow for a week of filming on our recent BSDxOdyssey trip. Here's a look at the new military green Soulja frame he built up while here, as well as a few words from Denim about how he likes to run his setup...

Denim's BSD Soulja Setup:

Frame : Military Green Soulja 20.9" frame
Bars : Flat raw OS 1" Grime bars 9"
Grips : Black BSD Leezus Handles
Bar Ends : Black BSD PCP bar ends
Stem : Black 1" OS BSD Stacked stem
Headset : BSD Integrated headset
Forks  : Flat Black BSD Jonesin' Fork
Sprocket : Black BSD Guard Sprocket 25t
Cranks : Flat raw BSD Substance XL cranks 165mm
Pedals : Odyssey OG PC pedals
Chain : BSD 1991 Halflink chain
Rear Hub : Black BSD West Coaster free coaster hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
Rear Tire : Black BSD Donnastreet tire 2.4″
Rear Rim : Black BSD Nasa rim
Front Hub : Black BSD Front Street Pro hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
Front Tire : Black BSD Donnasqueak tire 2.4″
Front Rim : Black BSD Nasa rim
Pegs : BSD Rude Tube XL
Seat : Black BSD Jonesin' seat
Seat Post : Black BSD Blitzed post


"This bike is easily my favorite BSD build. I’ve always loved the short back end of the ALVX because it helps so much with spinning but I’ve never been able to feel dialed in a manual. This time I decided to switch it up and try the slightly longer Paley frame and also started using the 1/4” washer under my stem bringing my bar height to 9.25”. That beautiful military green mixed with the raw cranks and my own signature raw bars is fuckin' GAS. I’m in love. Unfortunately I recently suffered a major loss, my other green pedal! She lasted me a solid 5 years and now I’ve been forced to move onto the white. So take note and let’s see how long she lasts on the same spindle..."

Soulja frame Soulja frame
in military green in military green
Alleyway lurker Alleyway lurker
Denim's signature Grime bars

That beautiful military green mixed with the raw cranks...

Jonesin' fat seat
Jonesin' fat seat
Jonesin' fat seat
Jonesin' fat seat
Stacked stem Stacked stem
Mindwheels Mindwheels
Guard sprocket Guard sprocket