News 23 Jun 20



This is a treat! Five days cruising the streets of Glasgow featuring Kriss Kyle, Alex Donnachie, Thomas Roulston, Si Gibb, Joe Jarvis, Dan Banks and Jason Phelan. 

​'Random local days are the best. No plan, no route, just pedal and see what happens. We're lucky enough at the main DIG HQ in Glasgow, Scotland to have one of the UK's best scenes and theres never a shortage of someone to ride with. Here we have 5 days of random mandem including Kriss Kyle, Joe Jarvis, Alex Donnachie, Si Gibb, Dan Banks, Thomas Roulston and even pro-BMX to pro diving's Jason Phelan. The whole squad kills it but hats off to Jason for coming out and smashing out a huge roof line on the first day.' - DIG BMX 

Sit back & enjoy! 

Filmed and edited by Fred Murray