News 21 Jan 21

Kriss Kyle Lava Orange Bike Check

More 2021 setups from the team, this time with Kriss Kyle and his Lava Orange colourway signature Freedom frame, bars and Acid forks looking so fresh together paired with some of our new colourway Classic Orange grips and bar ends...

The new Lava Orange parts are available in limited numbers for one production run only so grab them while they are in stock. Available from BSD dealers worldwide now.


" This year I decided to go with the Lava Orange colour as it's always been a favourite of mine, so stoked to bring it back for the Freedom frame and match it with the bars and forks! It feels like the good old days again haha, and it’s got me more stoked than ever about riding this year! I’ve got a few big projects in the pipeline and I’m more than ready for it after recovering from an injury I had at the end of last year. I feel like building this bike up was the match to relight the fire inside of me!

I’m also riding the XLT rims which have been bloody amazing! Lightweight and super strong! I’ve landed pretty sideways on flairs, etc and they are holding up just fine!

Big thanks to BSD for always letting me express myself through my bikes! "


Kriss' Freedom Setup:

Frame : Lava Orange 20.8" BSD Freedom frame
Bars : Lava Orange 9" BSD Freedom bars in 1" OS
Grips : Classic Orange BSD Passenger grips
Bar Ends : Classic Orange BSD M-Cap bar ends
Stem : Black BSD 1" OS Stacked stem
Headset : BSD Integrated headset
Forks : Lava Orange BSD Acid Fork V2
Sprocket : Black 28 tooth BSD TBT Sprocket
Cranks : Flat black BSD Substance XL cranks 165mm
Pedals : Black BSD Jonesin' pedals
Chain : Black BSD 1991 halflink chain
Rear Hub : Black BSD Swerve Cassette Hub with Jersey Barrier hubguard
Rear Tire : Black BSD Donnastreet tire 2.4″
Rear Rim : Black BSD XLT rim
Front Hub : Black BSD Front Street Pro hub with Jersey Barrier hubguards
Front Tire : Black BSD Donnastreet tire 2.4″
Front Rim : Black BSD XLT rim
Pegs : BSD Rude Tube XL LT V2 pegs
Seat : Black BSD slim Freedom seat
Seat Post : Black BSD Blitzed post
Invest cast wishbone
Lava Orange Freedom Bars
Invest cast wishbone
Classic Orange Passenger grips
Invest cast gussets
Classic Orange M-Caps
Crabshack blueLava Orange Acid Forks
Kriss Kyle signature frame Kriss Kyle signature frame
Invest cast seatclampin new Lava Orange
Invest cast wishbone
Invest cast wishbone
Invest cast wishbone
Invest cast seat clamp
Invest cast gussets
Invest cast dropouts
Invest cast dropouts
Invest cast bridge

the XLT rims have been bloody amazing! Lightweight and super strong!...

Freedom bars
TBT Sprocket
in flat raw
1991 Halflink chain
1" OS bars and forkSwerve cassette hub
1" OS Stacked StemFront Street Pro hub
Flat raw Acid Forks2.4" Donnastreets

with the Lava Orange colour, it’s got me more stoked than ever about riding this year!...