News 06 Jan 17

The Fresh BSD Soulja Frame

Dan Paley’s Soulja frame has been refreshed for 2017 with a new range of colours and new built in chain tensioners that come on all our frames for 2017. Dan’s frame is his ideal balance somewhere in between the all round street focused geometry of a WZA and the super compact snappiness of the ALVX. The Soulja is just that and features a 75.2 degree headangle, 8.8” standover and a 12.8 – 13.2” rear end for a responsive yet balanced ride…


– Toptube : 20.6″, 20.9” and 21.2″
– HT Angle : 75.2°
– CS Length : 12.8 to 13.2”
– Weight : 5 lbs
– Colours : Storm blue, matt burgundy & matt black.

The Soulja v2 frame is available at BSD stockists worldwide right now…

Get the full spec and more pictures on The Soulja V2 frame page here >

And you can check out Dan’s conspiratorial Transmission DVD part again below…