AM TEAM 05 Mar 20

Thomas Roulston


Name: Tam (Thomas) Roulston
D.O.B: April, 2000
Hometown: Beith, Scotland
Currently Resides: Glasgow, Scotland
Riding Since: 2011
Local Spot: Kelvingrove Skatepark, Glasgow
Travel Destination: Anywhere the sun is shining...
Contest: Double Triple because that was a mad experience! 
Rider(s) & why: Hobie, Alex D, Callan Stibbards and the Glasgow scene because big grinds get me hyped and the crew always brings the vibes. 
Video Part & why: That’s always a hard one for me. Basically any street video with the big sends always gets me hyped.
Sponsors: BSD, Procedure BMX (crew) all day! 
Get Connected: @tamroastin

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