News 01 Oct 15

Jason Teet Bike Check


Some of the BSD team were over in Canada recently to ride and hook up with Vancouver resident Jason Teet. We grabbed this bike check with Jason while we were there. Thanks to Riley McMaster for the extra photos and our distro Killemall for the hospitality and good times…

Jason Teet’s BSD Passenger frame setup:

– FRAME: Clear coat raw BSD Passenger 21.1″ frame
– BARS: Black BSD Passenger bars
– GRIPS: Duo
– STEM: Black BSD Race stem
– HEADSET: BSD Integrated headset
– FORKS: Black BSD Acid Fxxk
– SPROCKET: Black BSD Superlite 3D sprocket 28t
– CRANKS: Black BSD Substance cranks 175mm
– PEDALS: Black BSD Safari pedals
– CHAIN: BSD Forever chain
– REAR HUB: Polished BSD Back Street hub with Jersey Barrier hub guard
– REAR TIRE: Black BSD Donnasqueak tire 2.25″
– REAR RIM: Colony
– FRONT HUB: Black BSD Front Street Pro hub with Jersey Barrier hub guard
– FRONT TIRE: Black BSD Donnasqueak tire 2.4″
– FRONT RIM: Colony
– PEGS: BSD Crack Pipes
– SEAT: Black Kevlar BSD Stamp seat
– SEAT POST: Black BSD Blitzed post



“Im liking this 21.1 Passenger a lot. The length is nice when Im riding trails, and I’ve set my rear axle back just past the middle of the drop out for extra timing. My non peg washer is nearly flush with the back of the dropout. The geometry is fun to ride as it cuts real quick side to side and feels stable. BB height gives lots of pump whether at the jumps or parks. I like to mix up terrain and obstacles, riding whatever lies ahead and I’d say this set up and especially the frame geo meets these needs very well. Hitting a hard carve into bump 180 on the first day with this bike was effortless and made me really get into the feel. Its taking the bangs and chain stay abuse well too. I trust the two external front gussets on this frame and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been riding and beating on bikes and parts for nearly 20 years and feel BSD products are thought out and produced in such a way that I can trust the integrity all the way…

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