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Sam Jones Bike Check



– FRAME: Flat black 20.6″ BSD WZA frame
– BARS: Clear coat raw BSD Giraffic bars
– GRIPS: Black BSD Dan Paley Slims
– STEM: Black BSD Race V2 stem
– HEADSET: BSD Integrated
– FORKS: Clear coat raw BSD AcidFxxk
– SPROCKET: Black BSD Superlite 3D 28t
– CRANKS: Black BSD Substance cranks 165mm
– PEDALS: Black BSD Safari Pedals
– CHAIN: BSD Forever chain
– REAR HUB: Shadow freecoaster with Jersey Barrier hub guards
– REAR TIRE: Dark red BSD Donnasqueak 2.25″ tire
– REAR RIM: Eclat Polar rim
– FRONT HUB: Black BSD Front Street hub with Jersey Barrier hub guards
– FRONT TIRE: Dust blue BSD Donnasqueak 2.25″ tire
– FRONT RIM: Eclat Polar rim
– PEGS: BSD RudeTubes
– SEAT: Eclat
– SEAT POST: Black BSD Blitzed post


“I love my bike, because I ride for BSD and Eclat it’s always on point! No fucking about with it and just seems to be solid. Usually ride a 20.85″ tt but the 20.6″ is working for me, I find a shorter frame and shorter cranks easier to manoeuvre. I like my bike to be quite tall to be able to get over the front end easier, and the new acid forks with 30mm offset helps that much more. The new BSD RudeTubes are dons! I put them on for Lisbon, and I can honestly say I won’t be changing pegs anytime soon, they’re rude!”.

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