News 09 Sep 22

Thomas Roulston Bike Check

Well if you're shooting a Grime frame bike check I guess it makes sense to find a suitably grimey alleyway to shoot it in! Haha. Here's our bike check with Am team rider Thomas Roulston and his BSD setup shot while out in Vancouver earlier this year...

Tam's Grime Frame Setup:

Frame : Flat Trans Black 21.2" BSD Grime frame
Bars : Black BSD Raider bars in 1" OS
Grips : Black BSD Leezus Handles
Stem : Black BSD 1" OS Levelled stem
Headset : Black BSD Integrated headset
Forks : Black BSD Dust Fork
Sprocket : Black 28 tooth BSD Guard Sprocket
Cranks : Flat Black BSD Substance XL V2 cranks 165mm
Pedals : Black BSD Jonesin' pedals
Chain : Black BSD 1991 halflink chain
Rear Hub : Black BSD Revolution Hub 
Rear Tire : Black BSD Donnasqueak tire 2.4″
Rear Rim : Black BSD NASA rim
Front Hub : Black BSD Front Street Pro hub 
Front Tire : Black BSD Donnastreet tire 2.4″
Front Rim : Black BSD NASA rim
Pegs : BSD Hubba pegs
Seat : Grey BSD Jonesin' Seat
Seat Post : Black BSD Blitzed post


"I’d rode the Safari frame for years but started feeling like I was needing a change as my style was changing so the slightly shorter back end and a 21.2" top tube I'm running now with this Grime frame is feeling perfect and I also love the look of the yoke chain stays"

I'm running the Hubba Pegs as I prefer the consistency of metal pegs. I really like when they are broken in because I feel like it locks you in grinds better and they also provide other acoustic pleasures!

I run the NASA rims as I’m quite a heavy boy so the rims get heavily abused, I don’t think it makes too big a difference if you maintain your wheels but I just like the idea of strong as possible, haha.

With the rest of my bike, as long as it feels good I’m happy to run whatever and I’m always changing parts up for how I feel at the time. Right now the setup I'm running is 100% the best it’s ever felt!"

Grime frame Grime frame,
in flat trans black in flat trans black.
Yoke detail Yoke detail.

I really like when metal pegs are broken in because I feel like it locks you in grinds better...

Leezus grips Leezus grips.
StackedStem Stacked Stem.
Jonesin' pedals Jonesin' pedals.

the slightly shorter back end and 21.2" top tube I'm running now with this Grime frame is feeling perfect...

Hubba pegs Hubba pegs.
NASA rim NASA rim.
Revolution hub Revolution hub.