News 05 May 22


We are super hyped to welcome Trent Lutzke as the latest addition to the BSD team. Trent not only rips on a bike but also films and creates some amazing videos too. Here's a few words from some of his new team mates...

"Kid is so dedicated to every aspect of BMX.  Filming, riding, even planning.  Always has the best attitude and is down for absolutely anything to happen.  He can drink with the best of 'em, fight with the worst of them. This dude fuckin' RIPS" - Denim Cox

“Denim, Curly, and I camped next to Trent and his van at Swampfest 2021. After partying with him for a few days followed by watching him eat absolute shit trying a 25 foot gap to crankarm grind during the BSD long jump to grind jam, the crew knew he was a perfect fit for the team” - Reed Stark

photo: @dellorsovisuals

"Trent being on BSD is way deeper than just a gap crankarm but yes that is the moment we all huddled in a circle and had a 15 second meeting about Trent. Decision was made as soon as the idea came out of Reed's mouth. We all grabbed fresh beers (including one for Trent) and basically welcomed him to the team under absolutely no authority from any of our sponsors. Funny how shit works" - Denim Cox

"Trent is one of the sickest dudes out. calm, cool, collected, and motivated as hell. He brings together dope people, creates amazing content, and isn’t scared to send it down a massive hubba. Couldn’t think of a better addition to the BSD crew" - Reed Stark