Worldwide Crew 05 Mar 20

Jack Nieraeth

Year of Birth?

Current place of residence:

The Hague, The Netherlands

How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?
A month before I turned 14 I got a cheap bike for like 60 euro’s and went to the local park. Saw some dudes do some tailwhips, that’s when I thought, damn I wanna do this too! So I asked for a (kinda) legit bike for my birthday and never stopped shredding since! Still not able to tailwhip though haha.

Your favourite spot to session?
I guess just about everywhere, as long as my friends are there to get the session going!


Your favourite people to ride with?
The Lowlife Crew from around my hometown, the Onwies Knallen dudes from all over The Netherlands, and of course the Bridge BMX Store homies from Belgium! So just about everyone haha, as long as they’re cool with riding bikes and having fun.

Tell us about your hookup with Bridge BMX shop and the scene around it in Belgium?
The Bridge BMX store always had my attention, but never really knew those guys in person, except for Alex. Then one day I met them in Skateland Rotterdam during a heavy session. After that Thijs came up to me and asked if I wanted to represent the store, just couldn’t say no! After that we did alot of shredding and filming and we became really good friends. Sweetest guys you’ll ever meet, they’re like family to me!

What BSD frame do you ride and why did you choose to run it?
I ride the BSD Raider frame, 21.3. The geometry is perfect for a tall guy like me. I’ve tried the 21.6 and the 21, both not just what I wanted, but the 21.3 is the perfect size for me! Running it for a long time now, this one is a killer!

How do you like to run your setup?
Bigger than everage, but not too big like DBG haha. 21.3 Raider frame and 9.25 Zing bars are the perfect fit for me, 2 METAL pegs and a slim seat finish the job! Really diggin the Donnasqueaks aswell, squeaking all over the place haha!

Shoutouts to:
Thijs at The Bridge BMX Store, Grant at BSD Forever, Roy and Tom at We Are Orange Juice, Jacco at Etnies, The Lowlife Crew, Onwies Knallen, and Sharvan Debi-Tewari from my hometown who got and keeps me into riding!!