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The Quarantales - Denim Cox

The Quarantales - Denim Cox

As the worldwide lockdown goes on, we are giving you an insight into what some of the BSD team are up to during these unprecedented times. In this interview Denim Cox talks about why he left California for Texas, his new Grime frame and why his frame promo video isn't out yet. All hail Denim Cox!!

Lockdown life.

The lockdown has been in effect for about a month now, what have you been up to? 

Man I tried to lock myself down in California but that lasted about 3 days before the cops started coming around looking for some kid (me) thats been riding dirt bikes through the school everyday, so I decided it was NOT the place to be and decided I just had to get the hell away from people.  I figured fuck it, if I really have to try and quarantine then I better get my ass to Texas where my family has four full acres of land to mess around on and no neighbours to fuck with me so that's what I did.  I’m now staying in Blue Ridge Texas “Home of the last Texas prairie” - Population: 903.

Welcome to Blue Ridge Texas

That's quite a drive. How far is it? What did you take with you? 

Dude it's so far, it says 20 hrs 55 min, however I ended up taking 31 full hours including a nap in an auto parts store parking lot, with a bunch of spot searching in the small towns along the way. 

The van was completely PACKED to the gills, I had so much shit on the way here. I’m so happy I didn’t get pulled over cause I looked like a straight up tweaker! The van was crammed with all the tools I could possibly need for work, a full Harley,  2 KLX 110’s, 2 full BMX bikes, a bunch of extra loose Harley parts, a full extra Harley motor, and an extra 110 motor just because.  The van is so damn big I was actually able to leave the bench seat directly behind me open which made a real nice bed that I didn’t wanna sleep on twice. Drove 14 hours straight on day 2 to avoid that! haha.

Van Tetris... Van Tetris...
Packing the essentials. Packing the essentials.

What are you guys cooking and drinking there? Any Cox family favourites?

Might be the best thing about being home.  Mama is slaying her signature Spanish rice and Pico De Gallo while my dad stays sizzling some beautiful BBQ baby back ribs.  As far as drinking, well that's another story.  I think between my family and the couple other people who have briefly stopped by, we’ve probably gone through easily 300 Texas made Miller Lights in the past 3 weeks.  All I know is that our reserve tank fridge that had 110 beers in it now has 2.

The Cox Family The Cox Family
Reserve tank fridge running on empty... Reserve tank fridge running on empty...

Your new Grime frame just dropped on BSD, congratulations on that, how did you come up with the design? 

First off, I cannot thank BSD enough for this opportunity it's seriously a dream come true. Once we had the actual frame design done then it took me a bit to figure out the graphics, I knew I wanted the dumpster on there so that was a given but the skull and cross bones came a little later.  I started thinking about about all the old signs and cool stuff that I got to grow up around and then one day it hit me. 

Stay Out! Stay Alive! Denim's design inspiration.

My dad had this badass danger sign with the skull and crossbones so I said boom thats it, skull and crossbones but knock a tooth out of that thing and it's perfect. After all that came together I was randomly checking out old baby photos and I found this one from when I was 4 years old wearing this helmet with a big ol' skull and cross bones on it so I was hyped, life comes full circle doesn’t it?  

Denim at 4 years old! Not much has changed.

How did you choose the colors? The raw color is different from the usual clear coat raw, it looks sick. 

Colors were easy as hell to decide. At the time I was running Donny's Military Green Soulja frame with the raw Grime bars and it looked soooo god damn good I was not ready to let that green go.  We decided to keep the green, do a black one because black is beautiful but then I got to thinking about the look of the bars. That raw is so unique and badass on the bars/forks that we decided to try it on the Grime frame.  Once that sample showed up it was a no brainer, its gorgeous!

Denim's brand new signature Grime Frame. Denim's brand new signature Grime Frame.
Raw on Raw! Raw on Raw!

I know you had plans for a frame promo video, what happened?

The fact that I was not able to get a video put out before this frame dropped literally keeps me awake at night.  I'll start by saying FUCK COVID-19.  I personally do not like riding in So-Cal, like at all.  There's way too many blown out spots that everyone has seen before. So like the Grime tour, we were planning on doing another road trip to find all the cool grimy ass never before seen spots in small towns from here all the way to Swamp Fest.  Of course by the time Sauce was ready to take a break from selling houses and set out on this journey with me, Swamp Fest got canceled due to this fuckin' bullshit virus! So in turn our trip was canceled. Makes me very sad but I promise this frame promo will be some of our best work.  With Sauce behind the wheel of that big ol' Epic Bmx van and behind that crispy VX-1000 ain't nothin' gonna stop us!

Sauce The Boss!

Are you getting to ride much at the moment? What else are you doing to stay busy?

Well thats a tough one.  I much prefer to ride in front of the lens cause I really like to scare myself. So if no one is there to capture it, then typically I’m not sending it haha.  Sauce has been really busy lately so it's been pretty hard to go out and film. 

Denim ain't shy of a gnarly set-up!

In the meantime I’ve been working on all my motorcycles trying to get them dialled enough for the boys to come out and have fun with me. Currently I own four 110’s so it's a job of it's own to keep those things together! haha

Harley #1 Harley #1
Harley #2 Harley #2

Beyond that I just started building a 1967 Ford Ecoonline van and let me tell you this thing is gonna be a beast! Calling it COVAN-19. She’s gonna lay exactly how you see it, on the fucking ground. With airbags on all 4 corners I'll be able to lift it up roughly 6 inches off the ground and roast the tires off that bitch with the LS1 power that’ll be going in it. Of course with all that power the original frame build for a tiny little 6 cylinder is basically useless so she’s gonna need a new frame that can handle the new motor. My father and I will be starting on that next week so the way I see it I will be burning the tires off this bitch 25 days from now. Mark my words, 25 days!

The 'COVAN-19' The 'COVAN-19'
Dreamin' of roastin' those tires! Dreamin' of roastin' those tires!

Before the lockdown what was a regular day like for you?

It was shitty some days and fuckin' sweet the other days.  I worked ALOT.  Some days were cool cause I'd get to work normal day hours but some days we would have to work nights and that shit is hard on the body man.  We do restaurant renovations, so we would have to go in there like 3 nights in a row working from like 9pm until 9am the next day.  It really ruins your day when you wake up near 5pm when its already dark outside but hey you gotta pay to play.  Money is good and we get to go to different cities and do the work so its cool to take the bikes and touch random skateparks when we can.  

'You gotta pay to play...' 'You gotta pay to play...'
Check that hot rod! Check that hot rod!

Any last words?

I just wanna say thank you to anyone who has ever told me I am crazy or hit me with any kind of compliment.  You guys are my inspiration and I love you all.  Here’s to 2020 and what's to come. CHEERS mothafuckers!!!! Stay dangerous my friends and always remember, More Speed Less Doubt!

'More Speed Less Doubt!'